8 April 2014

The magic of Bali

We had an inspiring trip around Bali, Indonesia. We saw the rice fields, heard the gecko's, birds and traditional Balinese music. We had the best vegetarian Indonesian food. The smell of incense and beautiful decorated offerings with colorful flowers, were part of the daily ceremonies. We learned bit about the culture and had a wonderful yoga retreat at KuraKura.

12 February 2014

Fox and Cat, now available!

I just made these postcard packages. Two double postcards, one cat and one fox, with envelope. They are blank inside so you can ad your own personal message. An unique design, handmade and useable for many occasions. You can order them by sending me an email. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me any time!

8 January 2014

een licht 2014 // a light 2014

Last year I was asked to design a 2014 New Year-card and this is the result. I made an aquarel painting of leaves. The text inside: 'Beauty is coming with a gentle whisper in silence, fragile light is forwarding a shadow.'
The word 'light' and the combination of the painted leaves can be explained in many different ways. I really enjoyed the designing process of this card from the first brainstorm and sketches, until the final printing at the printing office!

31 December 2013

21 November 2013

For sale!

I started making cushion covers of my own screen-printed textile. The first editions are ready for use, if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me :) It will be a nice gift for the upcoming holidays. Spoil yourself, or someone else, with one of those pillows, original and handmade with love!

25 October 2013


Last week I went to the School of Arts Utrecht (HKU) where I studied Illustration. Together with a colleague illustrator I went screen-printing on textile. I like the process of preparing, cleaning and drying the screens, printing and experimenting with colors. I made some pictures of this process.

18 October 2013

A pattern of leaves

Inspired by the beautiful colored leaves during autumn season, I made this birches-illustration for a postcard design. I still like sending, and receiving ;) postcards, it is a personal and warm greeting, even more in the digital world of today :)

12 September 2013

Birds and feathers

These are my new illustrations I designed for screen prints on textile. This project is in progress, so I will show you the results later :)

12 August 2013


I have worked at Studio Harm Hasenaar in Muiden. In a multidisciplinary-team with three other creative people, we visualized a future concept for a Dutch technical installation company. It was fun and a great experience working together at this project! 

31 July 2013

Hello cats!

I drew some cats last days. The first one I made for my love's birthday, the others just for fun.

15 July 2013

Birth announcement card

I was very flattered when Joris en Mayke asked me to make the birth announcement card for their expected daughter. I really enjoyed the drawing and the designing. And there she is, Noor Mayra, hooray!

24 June 2013

* New! * website, business cards and stickers

Yay! My website is in the air: www.sannedikken.nl 
Above you see the result of my new designed and refreshed business cards. And I made myself round stickers. 
Do you want me to design your business cards too? Don't hesitate, feel free to contact me any time :)

20 June 2013


Eating ice-cream wasn't the only good thing we liked during our stay in Milan ;-) We visited the Duomo and climed to the top where we enjoyed the view,  down on the roofs and streets of the city. We walked through the streets looking up to see the house fronts and the pretty balconies full of plants and flowers. Milan has a lot of scooters and cute yellow-old-fashioned-trams, which are still in use. And obviously, I did some shopping, bought myself nice handmade Italian sandals. 

17 June 2013

La dolce vita

Last week Jesse and I visited Milan for a four day city trip. The weather was sunny and warm, perfect to eat ice cream at least once a day :-) We enjoyed the summer and the city! 

5 June 2013


I'm so happy spring finally started in Amsterdam. I feel much better when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything looks more friendly and happy. 
This painting I made on a piece of mdf-wood, inspired by one of the pictures I made in New Zealand. We did a nice, but quite heavy, hike at Abel Tasman National Park ending at a beautiful beach. On this beach I had a small nap on a log in the sun :) Good memories!